Physician supervised quick weight loss programs, Miami, Fl.

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If you are looking for a physician-supervised weight loss program in Miami. You have two choices. You can go to one of those franchised places where the attendee is trying to fit you into a one size fits all diet plan or you can seek the help from an experienced licensed physician with a background in nutrition. If you opted for option two, we invite you for a free consultation with our in-house nutrition specialist.

If you are exercising and keeping an active life but are still gaining weight or if you are not losing weight despite countless efforts, you may require a more in-depth diagnosis. Perhaps the problem is not how much you are eating but what you are eating, In either case, circumstances and accurate diagnoses by a doctor-supervised nutrition program may be in order.

Personalized Nutrition Program

Physician Quick Weight Loss Center Miami Lakes, Fl

In just one visit our in house doctor can determine your maximum daily calorie intake. Combined with the 4Life all-natural dietary supplements, a healthier choice in eating habits and a regular easy to follow an exercise routine, our patients are sure to lose unwanted pounds week steadily after week until they reach their desired weight. This method has proven successful in many cases of overweight and obese patients who prefer a natural approach to lose weight.

This alternative produces the wanted results, allowing our patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle that contributes to his/her overall wellness. Also, patients who choose our weight loss program in Miami will be coached by our doctor during the initial three month period. During this three month coaching period, our doctor will be available to take your personal phone calls to assist you in choosing the right food while grocery shopping, while cooking or while exercising.