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New Life Med Spa is the ideal place for anybody searching for High Radio Frequency Vein Therapy Near Me. Over the last decade we have grown from your local medical spa to the place where you got if you are in search of Laser Hair Removal Cutler Bay. Nowadays, nothing changed as a matter of fact we have grown to perfect the goals we set for ourselves. One thing the majority of our patrons do not appreciate is that we are not your average spa. New Life Cosmetic Surgery Center is owned and operated by our medical staff and that is why we call ourselves a med spa.

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Techniques For Finding The Right Med-Spa

A medspa offers a combination of day spa services and aesthetic medical services under the supervision of any licensed physician. Below are great tips for finding the correct med spa to meet your needs.

  1. Treatments Available – Medspas offer non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments. Based on where you go, there will be various services available. Look at the website and make contact with the med spa to find out whether they give the type of services you need.
  1. Quality Services – Prior to finding the top med-spa, you could be drawn to the reality that they have got many services. However, it is recommended to check the standard of these types of services. Be sure each service listed can be executed with all the best skill and expertise. Whether you will need Botox treatment, laser hair removal or tattoo removal, you ought to join if you find that the med spa provides quality services.
  1. Thorough Participation Of The Top Physician – There are lots of med-spa which can be directed by medical physicians however they do not do it closely. Before signing up for the treatments priovided at the med spa, you have to assess the participation of the top physician. The best spa must have an qualified aesthetic expert working closely with the top physician. Whether he/she is supervising daily operations or conferring right on the cases, it will be an excellent fit. Much better, the aestheticians and other experts employed in the med spa should be qualified and practiced to handle procedures effectively.
  1. Accessibility Of Subscription Services – The very best medspa needs to have subscription services, monthly membership and loyalty programs. That way, you can enjoy steady and tailored services at the most affordable rates. With such a service, you can enjoy inexpensive and suitable monthly payments and you could also monitor your treatment process and obtain prompts for any follow-ups effortlessly.

Use these tips to discover the top med-spa for your requirements, however, as perviusly state if you have any doubts, please, call us at (305) 698-4000 or better yet stop by for a consultation. And it is also a good idea to stop by our blog. There you will find many post covering topics like Bariatric Surgery Center and Physical Therapist for Accident…

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The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal machine

Laser hair removal has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years and it’s now one of the few ways to get rid of hair permanently in an effective manner. It has numerous benefits over other hair removal methods and is often overseen by trained family physicians, which makes the procedure even safer. When compared to procedures like waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams or even electrolysis, the benefits become evident. Most people find that this is the best method to remove hair in the back, arms, face, etc.

So, How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The procedure utilizes a concentrated energy beam that’s aimed at the follicle. The energy is then absorbed by the hair pigment, thus damaging the follicle. After adequate treatment, the follicles are destroyed to a point that hair won’t grow back at all. It’s is just a matter of conducting the procedure in the right hair phase growth to cause permanent damage. This procedure can be used to target almost any body area including the back, face and bikini region. The outcome, however, varies on the individual. The pain resembles that of a rubber band being snapped on your skin.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Removal

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of laser hair treatment. Even when you deep shave or wax, hair will still grow back after a certain period, regardless of the number of time you do it. That’s because shaving or waxing does not damage the follicle, but merely cuts down to the skin surface, laser hair removal, on the other hand, utilizes the laser to damage to the follicle, thus hindering it from growing. Whether you’re going down the beach or to an important meeting, you can feel confident by getting rid of hair in unwanted regions.

Lower Infection Risk

This usually becomes an issue when shaving as the blade can cut the flesh. This leads to infections as bacteria and viruses can easily make their way into the cut. There have been numerous cases where a seemingly harmless cut leads to amputation due to an infection.


It’s much quicker to utilize a laser as it doesn’t require the use of shaving cream or much preparation. Waxing or shaving calls for numerous coats of shaving cream for ideal results. You can use a laser and get rid of hair quickly and permanently compared to other hair removal methods.


Laser hair removal might seem expensive at first, but compared to the money you will spend on the long haul by shaving or waxing, you will actually save a lot. You will be looking at shaving cream, razors, soothers as well as professional waxing. Razors might dazzle you with being more effective than other procedures, but what manufacturers do not tell you is that they don’t permanently damage the follicles underneath the skin.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of laser hair removal. If you are looking to get rid of that unsightly hair in your legs, face, armpits, etc. then this is the solution.

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