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Locally New Life Medical Spa is the best medical spa to go to if your‘re searching for laser hair removal in The Springs Coral Springs, FL. Since opening up the number of places in the area offering laser hair removal has has gone up substantially but the cost and the service at Life and Wellness Center has stayed competitive. Nowadays this is not only your best bet for individuals seeking Botox in The Springs Coral Springs. When searching for quality medical spa services you should consider  New Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Address: 14750 NW 77th Ct #106, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (305) 698-4000. One visit, you know you are at a top ranked spa. As we all know that not all medical spas are the same. So, what is the main difference? Let’s begin with the equipment…

The Most Up-to-date Advances in Laser Hair Removal

There have been two major pitfalls to earlier hair laser removal technology. Firstly, the method might be quite painful due to heat as a result of short light wavelengths that focus on the melanin in the hair to destroy it. Secondly, this melanin targeting caused it to be unsuitable for people who have darker skin tones because the laser failed to separate melanin within the hair follicle and the skin.

These two problems could cause mild discomfort to severe burns. Fortunately, both issues have been addressed. New technology allows for longer wavelengths of light to be utilized at the same time. These longer waves can only target the melanin from the hair and steer clear of it within the skin. This has made the treatment largely available for people with darker skin tones or perhaps only a dark tan.

A cooling attachment has also been included with the laser removal machines to avoid burns making the treatment far more comfortable. The melanin from the hair follicle is destroyed once the laser heats it up which results in the nearby skin becoming hot too. Advances in laser hair removal have successfully addressed this issue to make certain that the process is far more comfortable for people of light and dark skin color. As you can see that there’s more to laser hair removal then some competitors may want you to know that is why we ask anyone who is interested in laser hair removal in The Springs Coral Springs to take a look our blog. Here you’ll find a wealth information on the services provided at Life and Wellness Center.

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Is the Vampire Facelift Worth It?

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The beauty business is a billion-dollar industry that’s always on the hunt to find the fountain of youth. It seems that every week, there is a new beauty innovation that hits the market. Did you know that there is a new cosmetic procedure available that doesn’t require multiple products or acids? Are you curious about the main ingredient? It’s BLOOD. Yes, you’ve read that right. Read on and find out how this wrinkle- removing treatment uses the patient’s own blood to delay the aging process.

How Does the Vampire Facelift Work?

The “Vampire Facelift” is called Selphyl. Selphyl is a nonsurgical procedure that is similar to dermal filler injections. The treatment involves injecting a mixture of blood products to the area where the patient wants it.  The first step of Selphyl starts with blood drawing from the patient. After the blood is drawn, the platelets are separated from the red blood cells. The platelets are then mixed with a fibrin mixture and after, is injected to the patient.  The results are said to last about 15 months from the time of treatment. There are also no reported side effects or bruising since the component of the treatment is mostly from the person’s body (their own blood). A lot of patients are choosing this option since Juvéderm, Restylane and Perlane are artificial and mixed in with other chemicals, unlike Selphyl that uses the patient’s blood. If you are worried about the safety of Selphyl, you don’t have to fear since it’s an FDA approved procedure for the face and other parts of the body.

Am I the Best Candidate for Selphyl?

If you plan to try this on your whole face, that may not be the best idea since there isn’t enough product. Imagine the amount of blood that has to be drawn out to cover your whole face. Selphyl is the best treatment if you want to smoothen out delicate lines and volumize certain areas of your face. It also has a great effect with patients who have “crepey” skin. Crepey skin is a combination of loose folds and wrinkles in the face. Selphyl sessions can cost between $1,100 to $1,500 per injection, which is much cheaper than a face-lift. The entire session can take 30 to 45 minutes and patients can go about their day right after the procedure. Selphyl also gives the patient a more vibrant and youthful look without the risk of looking overdone.

More and More Patients Are Trying Selphyl

Noninvasive and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are now taking over the beauty industry. More and more people now are considering getting cosmetic procedures done since a lot of the newer ones are safer and have minimal to no downtime at all. Gone are days when cosmetic treatments are only accessible to the rich and famous. New fillers like Selphyl are part of another growing trend because it gives anyone the power to look instantly younger without having to disrupt their daily routine.

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