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Many of people around South Florida would say that NewLife Health & Wellness Center is the best place to go to if your‘re searching for laser hair removal in Plantation. Over the last few year the number of places in the area offering laser hair removal has blown up but the cost and the service at LifeWellnessMiami.Com has stayed consistent. As of late this is not only your best choice for people in search of Botox in Plantation. When searching for quality Med Spa services you should consider  New Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Address: 14750 NW 77th Ct #106, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (305) 698-4000. The minute you walk in, you know you are at a premier spa. We all know that not all medspas are the same. So, what makes them different? Let’s start with the quality of theequipment…

The Newest Advances in Laser Hair Removal

There was two major pitfalls to earlier laser hair removal technology. Firstly, the treatment could be quite painful due to heat resulting from short light wavelengths that focus on the melanin in the hair to destroy it. Secondly, this melanin targeting caused it to be unsuitable for those who have darker skin color as the laser did not distinguish between melanin from the hair follicle along with the skin.

Both of these problems might lead to mild discomfort to severe burns. Fortunately, both issues are already addressed. The lastest technology permits longer wavelengths of light for use along the way. These longer waves can easily only target the melanin in the hair and avoid it in the skin. It has made the method largely available for those who have darker skin color or even merely a dark tan.

A cooling attachment has additionally been added to the laser removal machines to avoid burns to make the treatment much more comfortable. The melanin inside the hair follicle is destroyed as soon as the laser heats it up which leads to the surrounding skin becoming hot too. Advances in laser hair removal have successfully addressed this concern to make sure that the procedure is significantly more comfortable for anyone of light and dark skin color. As you can tell that there is a lot more to laser hair removal then some medical spas may want you to know that is why we ask everyone who is interested in laser hair removal in Plantation to take a look our Laser Hair Removal blog. There you’ll discover a wealth info on the services offered at New Life Wellness Center.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers

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Do you want to decrease the amount of fine lines on your face? You might want to consider the use of facial rejuvenation fillers to restore the fullness and volume of your face. Aging does a lot to the skin. For one thing, the subcutaneous fat of the face is lost as we age, and it means that the facial muscles are working closer to the skin surface. Now you know how those laugh lines and crow’s feet form.

The use of dermal fillers can replace the lost subcutaneous fat to regain the lost facial volume. Essentially, dermal fillers can plump the lips, soften facial creases and wrinkles, enhance shallow contours, reconstruct facial deformities, remove black circles, and even erase recessed scars. Dermal fillers can definitely address the early signs of aging, and it may even be used as an alternative to facial surgery.

There are different types of dermal fillers that are used for facial rejuvenation. The earliest one is the silicone fluid used for soft tissue augmentation way back in the 1950s. This type was banned 17 years after due to some adverse reactions in patients.

After a little more than a decade, Bovine collagen was introduced and it was the safest option back then. However, this dermal filler only lasts for three to four months, and it is not as easily sourced as today’s newer alternatives. Allergic reactions to Bovine collagen may also arise, which is why a skin test should be done prior to the procedure.

Hyaluronic acid had replaced Bovine collagen a few years later. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that naturally occurs in all living things, and its molecules have the ability to bind water between cells. Hyaluronic acid has long become the standard in injectable dermal fillers. It is used until today and is quite popularly known as Restylane, Perlane, and Juvaderm.

Radiesse is another popular type of dermal filler. It consists of calcium hydroxylapetite, which is the same substance present in teeth and bones. Approved by FDA in 2006, RAdiesse is popularly used to augment the midface area, particularly the cheeks. It usually lasts for a year but it can’t be used on the lips.

There are a few other less popular options for dermal fillers and they are also used in some skin care clinics around the world. A few examples are Sculptra, Bio-Alcamid, Artefill, and DermaDeep. Dermal fillers are usually combined with other anti-wrinkle treatments to achieve the best effect on the skin. Dermal fillers can be added to lift the outer brows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, tear trough, lips, chin, and jowl.

The FDA goes through great lengths to check the efficacy of dermal fillers and approve their use. If you decide to use these fillers for facial rejuvenation, do a little research on them first even though they are recommended to you by the dermatologist. Know about their benefits and possible side effects on you. You should also know who is going to do the actual procedure to ensure that you’ll get nothing but the best results.

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Getting the Best Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL Nowadays the great majority individuals who are browsing Yahoo for laser hair removal in Plantation, Florida are focus on cost and completely overlooking the quality of the service and or the reputation of the place. We have all see the reports on less than stellar spas injuring clients but don’t matter how many times [...]