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A lot of people around South Florida would say that New Life Wellness Center is the best place to go to if your are looking for laser hair removal in Palm Springs North. Over the last few year the number of places in the area offering laser hair removal has has gone up substantially however the price and the service at New Life Medical Institute has stayed consistent. Today this is not only your best choice for people seeking Botox injections in Palm Springs North. When looking for quality Med Spa services you should consider  New Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Address: 14750 NW 77th Ct #106, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (305) 698-4000. The minute you walk in, you know you are at a top ranked place. As we all know that not all medspas offer the same service. So, what is the difference? Let’s start with the quality of themachine…

The Most Recent Advances in Laser Hair Removal

There have been two major pitfalls to earlier laser hair removal technology. Firstly, the process could possibly be quite painful because of the heat resulting from short light wavelengths that concentrate on the melanin inside the hair to destroy it. Secondly, this melanin targeting caused it to be unsuitable for people who have darker skin tones as being the laser did not separate melanin within the hair follicle and also the skin.

These two problems might cause mild discomfort to severe burns. Fortunately, both issues have been addressed. New technology permits longer wavelengths of light to be used in the process. These longer waves can only target the melanin in the hair and steer clear of it from the skin. It has made the process largely available for people who have darker skin color and even merely a dark tan.

A cooling attachment has also been put into the laser removal machines in order to prevent burns to make the method a lot more comfortable. The melanin inside the hair follicle is destroyed once the laser heats it up which results in the surrounding skin becoming hot too. Advances in laser hair removal have successfully addressed this concern to make sure that the process is much more comfortable for anyone of light and dark skin color. You can see that there’s a lot more to laser hair removal then some medical spas may want you to know that is why we invite anybody who is looking to get laser hair removal in Palm Springs North to take a look our blog. Here you’ll find additional information on the services provided at New Life Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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Facts Regarding Breast Augmentation

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When considering any type of surgery, especially one that is cosmetic, it behooves an individual to do their research and learn as much as they can so that they can make an informed decision regarding what they want. Breast augmentation is certainly no exception to this. Breast augmentation is the most common form of cosmetic surgery, with the number of surgeries performed each year having nearly tripled since the year 1997. And if you are a woman who is considering going under the knife to receive breast implants, it is important to understand what goes into this procedure. In this article, we will share facts regarding breast augmentation to aid you in your decision for your body.

1. One Surgery Often Leads to Another

Many women who decide to receive breast augmentation surgery think that they will have one procedure and then be done. However, this is rarely the case. Breast implants don’t last forever. And because of this, approximately 25% of women who have had breast augmentation end up needing another surgery after ten years. There are a number of factors that determine whether or not this will be the case, such as weight loss, pregnancy, and even the leakage of the implants or implants that become warped shape-wise.

2. Expect to Pay Quite a Bit

Of course, what you end up paying for a breast augmentation greatly depends upon a few factors, such as the doctor who performs the surgery and your individual case as the patient. Other things that cause the cost to skyrocket include anesthesia, materials such as bandages, and the facility that the surgery is performed in. On average, patients should expect to pay approximately $3,700.

3. They Will Not Feel the Same as Real Breasts

You may already be aware of this, and be completely alright with the fact that breast implants do not feel the same (to the touch) as real breast tissue. But it is still something to think about before going under the knife. Silicone breasts do feel similar, but there will be differences. If you hope to receive implants that are harder to detect, it’s recommended to choose a size that is not much larger than your natural breasts and even opt for them to be placed beneath the muscle.

4. You Can’t Jump From Small to Gigantic

This is a fact about breast augmentation that many ladies may not like, but safety is key. Your body will need time to adjust to even the most minute change in your breasts. To begin with, your surgeon will most likely suggest going up one or two sizes. And if you decide that you still want to enlarge your breasts you can do so but it may take a few years for it to be a safe option.

In conclusion, breast augmentation, although cosmetic in nature, is still surgery and a big decision. It behooves the lady considering breast augmentation to be informed before having the surgery done. For more information, contact a surgeon in your area for a consultation.

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