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A lot of people around throughout Miami Dade and Broward would say that Life Wellness Miami Lakes is the best medical spa to go to if your are looking for laser hair removal in Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale, FL. In just a few years the number of medical spas in the area offering laser hair removal has exploded but the price and the quality of service at New Life Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center has stayed consistent. Today this is not only the ideal place to go to for everyone seeking Botox in Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale. If searching for quality medical spa services you should consider  New Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Address: 14750 NW 77th Ct #106, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone: (305) 698-4000. One visit, you know you are at a premier spa. We all know that not all medspas offer the same quality of service. So, what makes them different? Let’s start with the quality of theequipment.

The Latest Advances in Hair Laser Removal

There are two major pitfalls to earlier laser hair removal technology. Firstly, the treatment may be quite painful as a result of heat as a result of short light wavelengths that focus on the melanin within the hair to eliminate it. Secondly, this melanin targeting made it unsuitable for people with darker skin color because the laser did not separate melanin in the hair follicle and also the skin.

Both these problems could result in mild discomfort to severe burns. Fortunately, both issues happen to be addressed. The lastest technology enables longer wavelengths of light to be utilized along the way. These longer waves can only target the melanin within the hair and prevent it from the skin. It has made the method largely available for people who have darker skin tones as well as simply a dark tan.

A cooling attachment has been specifically included with the laser removal machines to avoid burns to make the method far more comfortable. The melanin within the hair follicle is destroyed when the laser heats it which leads to the nearby skin becoming hot too. Advances in hair laser removal have successfully addressed this problem to make sure that the process is far more comfortable for folks of light and dark skin tones. You can tell that there’s a lot more to laser hair removal then some spas may want you to know that is why we invite anyone who is looking to get laser hair removal in Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale to consider visiting our Tummy Tuck blog. There you’ll discover additional information about the services provided at New Life Wellness Center.

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Who Should Try Botox Injections?

What are the Benefits of Microblading

With technology developing at such a rapid pace, you have to wonder when it will present a cure for aging altogether. Because nobody likes getting old, but for now, it is a reality we still have to live with. But while there is no magic button for getting back your physical youth, nobody is stopping you from feeling young and reversing some of the effects caused by aging. More specifically, you can look at options like Botox injections.

What Are Botox Injections?

Simply put, a Botox injection is when a doctor or profession injects what looks like a clear fluid into strategic places. Now, it is interesting to note that while Botox is famous for helping wrinkles go away, it also has other medicinal purposes. But for the most part, people search for Botox in regards to making themselves look younger.

After the injection has been administered, it will effectively take away the appearance of wrinkles and other elements associated with aging.

Who Should Consider Botox Injects?

There are many ways you can help your body maintain a youthful appearance. For example, exercise, good habits, a healthy diet, and sufficient water can do wonders for your quality of life in general. But when you want a quick fix while you work on all these changes, Botox is most likely the solution you are looking for.

If you have wrinkles around your eyes, cheekbone, forehead, lips, it doesn’t matter. Botox can actually influence the appearance of these wrinkles and “remove” them for a certain amount of time. So, if you want to look younger today, definitely think about Botox.

What To Know About Botox And The Procedure

– It is not permanent: First off, you have to realize that Botox injections are not permanent solutions. Instead, they only last for between 3 and 6 months. After this time, the wrinkles will return and you will need another injection. That means about 3 or 4 trips to the doctor over the course of a year, which many people can live with.

– The process is quick: Getting a Botox injection is very quick and almost painless. A doctor or professional can administer them at their office during your lunch, and you can get back to work without feeling any different.

– Immediate results: You’ll be happy to know the results can be seen soon after the injections have been administered, hence the reason for Botox’s popularity. The quick gratification of looking younger definitely has its perks.

– Quick recovery time: As mentioned, you can get injections in your lunch hour, so you don’t have to worry about recovery time.

– Overall safe procedure: For the most part, Botox injections are pretty safe. Unless you are allergic to the injection, you might only feel a little swelling and discomfort afterward. But your doctor will discuss this with you in detail.

Even though Botox isn’t a permanent solution, it can still be utilized to provide you with some self-confidence. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to look young again. It’s a common dream everybody shares.

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