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Looking for eyebrow microblading in or near The Hammocks? New Life Spa offers permanent makeup deals and the absolute best, most natural looking approach to eyebrow enhancement to The Hammocks, Fl…

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Throughout Florida from Palmetto Estates to Woodsetter North everyone knows that NewLife Health & Wellness Center is your best choice if you are looking for Breast Augmentation or Restylane for Lips. But I bet, you do not know that New Life Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center is also your best option in you are searching for eyebrows microblading in The Hammocks, FL. MedSpas come and go, in fact, if you search the internet for med spa Florida you may be surprise by the number of results. With that said, you know you can count on New Life Med Spa, for quality of service and affordability

Important Microblading Information, Prices and Dangers

Microblading information, rates and risks are things that needs to be reflected on before determining to go with this sort of procedure. Microblading is really a cosmetic tattooing kind of procedure that will enable anyone who has ever thin eyebrows to fill them in so as to get them to look fuller. A conventional tattoo is permanent whereas a microblading or eyebrow feathering coloring procedure will undoubtedly last for a few years with proper care. The reason behind this is because this kind of procedure utilizes a smaller quantity of pigment and other tools, blades rather than needles.

A few of the facts that happen to be important to know about microfeathering is that it will give you a treatment that utilizes a hand held microblade tool and needles. The success, or failure, of microshading often depends on who may be performing it. Since microshading is really a procedure that breaks in to the skin, there exists a possibility of infections if performed by someone untrained or practiced in a location with unhygienic conditions.

A microshading procedure can be accomplished at a cost of anywhere from $100-$1200. A good deal is dependent upon the artist’s experience and the location of where the process is actually done. True, you may get this kind of procedure for a more affordable but you need to be aware and get away from technicians that are inexperienced. For more info on not only Microblading For Brows but also Neurologist Consultation in The Hammocks, Florida, and other service we offer, please, visit our blog. At our blog you‘ll interesting blog articles on subjects like Bariatric Surgery Surgeon and Physical Therapist for Accident…

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The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years and it’s now one of the few ways to get rid of hair permanently in an effective manner. It has numerous benefits over other hair removal methods and is often overseen by trained family physicians, which makes the procedure even safer. When compared to procedures like waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams or even electrolysis, the benefits become evident. Most people find that this is the best method to remove hair in the back, arms, face, etc.

So, How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The procedure utilizes a concentrated energy beam that’s aimed at the follicle. The energy is then absorbed by the hair pigment, thus damaging the follicle. After adequate treatment, the follicles are destroyed to a point that hair won’t grow back at all. It’s is just a matter of conducting the procedure in the right hair phase growth to cause permanent damage. This procedure can be used to target almost any body area including the back, face and bikini region. The outcome, however, varies on the individual. The pain resembles that of a rubber band being snapped on your skin.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Removal

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of laser hair treatment. Even when you deep shave or wax, hair will still grow back after a certain period, regardless of the number of time you do it. That’s because shaving or waxing does not damage the follicle, but merely cuts down to the skin surface, laser hair removal, on the other hand, utilizes the laser to damage to the follicle, thus hindering it from growing. Whether you’re going down the beach or to an important meeting, you can feel confident by getting rid of hair in unwanted regions.

Lower Infection Risk

This usually becomes an issue when shaving as the blade can cut the flesh. This leads to infections as bacteria and viruses can easily make their way into the cut. There have been numerous cases where a seemingly harmless cut leads to amputation due to an infection.


It’s much quicker to utilize a laser as it doesn’t require the use of shaving cream or much preparation. Waxing or shaving calls for numerous coats of shaving cream for ideal results. You can use a laser and get rid of hair quickly and permanently compared to other hair removal methods.


Laser hair removal might seem expensive at first, but compared to the money you will spend on the long haul by shaving or waxing, you will actually save a lot. You will be looking at shaving cream, razors, soothers as well as professional waxing. Razors might dazzle you with being more effective than other procedures, but what manufacturers do not tell you is that they don’t permanently damage the follicles underneath the skin.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of laser hair removal. If you are looking to get rid of that unsightly hair in your legs, face, armpits, etc. then this is the solution.

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