Breast Augmentation Miami by top rated, board certified and Miami breast implants specialist Dr. Patrick Abuzeni at New Life Cosmetic Surgery.

Breast Augmentation Miami

Miami Breast Augmentation is a surgical enhancement procedure to accentuate the size and shape of a woman’s breast for those desiring a fuller profile, lost breast volume, or undergone breast reconstruction and would like to gain a more natural look again.

There are two very distinctive types of breast augmentation surgery one involves using breast implants (saline or silicone) the other one consist of implanting fat from other parts of the body. This second is often referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation, and it is more often than not used to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after pregnancy or massive weight reduction.

Not only in Miami but in the US and throughout the world breast augmentation is considered as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Other types of popular cosmetic procedures for breast include breast reduction and breast lifts.

Many consider breast augmentation surgery an act of vanity and although women usually get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller. In many cases, breast augmentation surgery is more often than not use for reconstructive purposes, such as breast cancer, after a mastectomy or for cosmetic reasons.

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